3 in 1

So this blog is good for 3 exercises which explains the title.

So first of, the google docs. It was good that you can all edit but the down side would have to be that you won’t be able to see the edit. Like what happened to our output, the things that i added were deleted/ edited so it seemed that i didn’t have a say on the group work.

Next, the google form and slides. Or as i like to call it – survey and power point. These two work great together. Especially because the form shows the responses with graphs already so you dont have to check it one by one. (such a great help) The slides are also easy to use but needs more themes and fonts that can be used in presenting.

Lastly, the infograph. I think it needs more design options coz the ones included in the software are a bit insufficient which makes it harder to express or show what you really mean. It is also not that user-friendly if you ask me coz i had a hard time with it. (or maybe im just that stupid idk)

But as a whole, I enjoyed this activity. It is a step forward in today’s technology especially in the field of education. Although, there are still improvements to be done I believe that it can easily be fixed by the people incharge (google peeps)


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