All in All

I can say that this IT 1 class will be unforgettable. Not just because I learned a lot while enjoying but also because I got to share these experiences with my seatmates and friends. They were with me through hardships (’cause I don’t always get the topic in an instant) and happiness. I would also like to thank my professors (I was lucky to have 2 professors for this class) The ever so handsome Sir Geronimo and the approachable cutie that is Ma’am Arnejo. They have been angel-sent instructors who were always smiling and makes sure that we enjoy the lab class, because let’s be honest 3 hours of lab isn’t the best idea but they made it bearable for us and for that I am beyond grateful. Huge thanks to you both, you have been great and will not be forgotten.

What I’m really trying to say is, it’s not always about the topics we learn in the 4 corners of the classroom but the relationships we develop throughout our stay in it. I might not be able to remember all the things that they taught me in IT 1 ’cause to be honest I already forget almost half of it – I don’t have the best memory and yes it has and is still is a problem, but for the rest of my life I will remember the friends I made in this class and the professors who taught me. Again, thank you to everyone who had been a part of this enjoyable journey that is IT1.


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